Alessio Pistilli

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"I am keen on painting with my heart seeking to communicate with the viewer on a variety of different levels. I love to explore patterns, forms and shapes in their simplicity. I endeavour to capture the essence, challenging ideas of human perception and stimulating emotive sensibility. I work with oil, acrylic and collage on canvas manipulating palette and brushes to obtain texture and movement desired."

Born in 1980 near Rome, Italy has a Master degree in Art; as a modern painter and sculptor he is keen on mixed and oil techniques. He experiences sculpture since a child, thanks to his father’s work he soon learned mosaic and engravings, bas-reliefs and classical modelling. He is certainly inspired by great masters from Leonardo Da Vinci to Monet, from Picasso to Warhol, from Modigliani to De Chirico and Rotella and oriented towards “talking Art to provoke”. To provoke doesn’t mean to teach, but to let people think and make a free choice. His last project derives from the idea of Money as the actual God. Money is exchange, social cultural value, synonymous with limits and dependency but not necessarily with power and richness. Dependency causes isolation more than pursuit of intellectual curiosity. The hope of rescue of true value could only lie on an attempt of finding the “light of reason” inside our individual conscience. Alessio's works have been exhibited widely and he regularly undertakes commissions from private clients.

"Art is what I believe in. I also play the guitar and sing. Art has no boundaries, boundaries will take us too far away from the essence of creation!” 

Alessio is now based in Windsor, and always open to new adventures.