Sophie Redpath

I was born in Maida Vale before making the short move to set up home in North Kensington where I raised my son before finally moving to Holyport a few years ago. I have always loved art and really enjoyed sketching, but only found time to take up drawing seriously again when my son left to go to university.

My work is created intuitively and I consider myself self-taught, however but there are deep artistic roots in my family. Amongst numerous artistic Redpath's, the most renowned is my great aunt, Anne Redpath, a celebrated painter whose work is widely exhibited in galleries particularly in her native Scotland.  My own drawings tend to be unplanned and structure emerges over the hours in which I work on them. I have learnt to allow my imagination and subconscious to lead me and am often surprised by where I end up. I find the process of working on my drawings soothing and therapeutic, focusing intensely on intricate patterns and repeated shapes with a recurring emphasis on circle 

Once finished I feel my drawings belong to those who look at them. I enjoy hearing other people’s diverse insights and interpretations of my work hoping they too find a sense of calm and completion in the drawing which echo my own feelings as their creator

The Alphabet Series. Each letter is available as a large individual print or a greeting card; or on request a series of letters can be framed together to spell out a word or initials of a loved one.