Valerie Leung

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tibetanterrierjpgDog, Tibetan Terrier in Pastels and acrylic paints

dogwhistful1jpgDog, whistful in Pastels

dougallargejpgDog, Dougal in Pastels and acrylic paints


 Three 100x100mm paintings (above) created in response to a Jan/Feb 2019 Windsor Artists "challenge" set for the artists.


Windsor Castle at night

"Windsor in the Autumn" - W30'' x  L 24'' or W 16'' x  L12.5'' Mixed media on board incl. gold leaf, papers & acrylic


Windsor Swans




Fork in the Road 12"x12"

"Amsterdam"  W.18'' x L 22'' - collage, acrylic on board

"Capturing the Light" - W. 18'' x  L18'' -Oil on a tile


"Interpreting Grief" - W 16'' x L 20''  - Acrylic on canvas


"Ocean Power" - W 15.5'' x L .19.75 '' - Oil on Paper


"Autumn Warmth" - W 16'' x L 16''  - Acrylic on canvas.


Self Heal 12"x32"


Chaos in balance 16"x20"


Beetroots 12"x16"


Bunch of Garlic 12"x10".

''At a snail's pace'' -  W 17.5 x L 13.75 x D 2.5'' approx - acrylic on wooden board, clock with battery

"Forest Mysteries"  W. 15.75'' x 19.75'', acrylic on canvas

"Floating - (Cambodia)"  - W23'' x L 19'' -Mixed Media, oil on board


"Wistful" - W19'' x L 22.75'' - Mixed Media - acrylic inks/pens/pastels


"Waterfalls" - W is 18.5'' x  L 22.5''  - Soft Pastel on pastel card