Windsor Artists Collective:

We are a collective of very productive and accomplished contemporary artists from Windsor and the surrounding area. 

As a group, we meet regularly to discuss our own art and all art;  critique each other's work; cross-fertilize ideas and learn from each other;  share best practice, devise creative projects and plan our many local exhibitions at which we actively engage with the public to sell our art.

To contact individual artists visit their  "Artist Gallery Page" or contact me at (

Joining Windsor Artists Collective:

We limit our group numbers to about 15 artists from the local area ie. near to Windsor (That's the Windsor in Berkshire England!).  This size of group allows every group member to become equally and fully involved, able to contribute to our lively discussions, our art critiquing, art projects and exhibiting at our exhibitions. 

As such we differ from many groups in that we do have tutors, nor lectures nor committees and we do not actually paint at our meetings.

Typically applicants/new members will be experienced amateur artists, self motivated, producing varied & finished work and able to fully contribute to the group..  They are on a journey of personal artistic development and want to meet and interact with other like minded artists. 

Our face to face monthly meetings are on Monday evenings. Our own organised exhibitions are mostly at Weekends. 

Our group is not for everyone. So email me for more information and how to join  (

Jonathan Greenyer


There is an ongoing display of work from our artists at a time - in the offices of

Strutt & Parker (Sunningdale), 40 Chobham Rd, Sunningdale, Ascot SL5 0DX .

"Leaf". Collage and ink hand drawing. By Sophie Redpath.

Artist's Gallery Pages

Jane Pilcher: "Somewhere in time" Mixed media on canvas.

Instagram: windsorartistscollective