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Windsor Artists Collective:

We are a group of very productive and accomplished contemporary artists from Windsor and the surrounding area.  This website includes artwork and contact details for each artist.

About Us:

Our membership is currently 18 artists.  This number of artists allows every group member to become equally and fully involved in all the group's activities and conversations.

Our artists are experienced; self motivated artists who produce art in an immense range of styles.  Being an artist can become quite isolating and they all appreciate the knowledgeable and frank interaction the group provides.  By contributing fully to the group there are mutual benefits for all developing artists. 

Therefore we meet regularly to discuss our own art and all art; critique each other's work; cross-fertilize ideas, learn from each other; share best practice, devise creative projects and plan our many local exhibitions at which we actively engage with the public to sell our art. The full 2023 exhibition schedule is listed on this page.

Email me for more information or to express an interest in joining the group (jonathan@windsor-artists.org)

Jonathan Greenyer



Sophie Redpath

Look Upwards - By Sophie Redpath

Artist's Gallery Pages

Instagram: windsorartistscollective