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Windsor Artists Collective:

We are a group of 19 experienced, productive and self-motivated contemporary artists from the Windsor (England) area. 

About Us:

We are a discussion and exhibiting art group for experienced artists whose output currently encompasses an immense range of styles, techniques and media.  We are not tutor lead and we don't paint in our meetings.

The experience of being an artist can include a sense of isolation; and life is significantly enhanced by engaging directly with other like minded artists providing open and supportive discussions about one's own art and all art. 

This environment really helps creativity to explode. We support and encourage each other via critiquing work; cross-fertilizing ideas and techniques; sharing new approaches and best practice, devising creative projects, overcoming creative log-jams and much more.

The group exhibits most months in key locations where we sell art and engage directly with the public. Come along and meet the artists as they exhibit. The 2024 exhibition schedule is listed on this page.

For more information or to express an interest in joining the group send me a detailed email or WhatsApp 07768513436.   jonathan @ windsor-artists.org

Jonathan Greenyer


If you are looking for a "tutor lead" art group, follow this link below for some local art organisations in East Berkshire ...


15 of the 19 members of Windsor Artists Collective at Northcote House, Audley Village for our exhibition on 10/11 February 2024.

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