We are not exhibiting or meeting in person at the moment so we are now exchanging images on WhatsApp, which we want to share with you.

Some of the work is very topical and some is simply the creative output of people used to working on their own but now additionaly "self isolating"

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Jonathan Greenyer

Windsor Artists Collective: we are a collective of accomplished contemporary artists from Windsor and the surrounding area.  We meet regularly to discuss our art, all art and the meaning of life. We critique each other's new work; cross-fertilise ideas;  support each other,  share best practice, set creative projects and plan our many local exhibitions at which we actively sell our art.

Our artists create their "art" in a very diverse range of media, styles and techniques.  We encourage and stimulate each other to develop and grow our art into new and interesting areas.

A major feature of Windsor Artists is that we exhibit and sell our art at many events throughout the year and across the region. This is undertaken collectively with a few artists or individually. We choose high profile arts, community or commercial venues and market our events heavily on all available media.

To contact individual artists about their art please go to their  "Artist Page"  for further contact details. To contact Windsor Artists Collective about  anything else email me using the following email address



Jonathan Greenyer


runningoutoftimejpgRunning out of time by Sophie Redpath

timeisrunningout1000jpgRunning out of time by Jonathan Greenyer.

Artist Pages


Healing Power - In the Marks and Words series by Mark Burden

Peacock fabric design - By Ida Montague