Jonathan Greenyer

Coronavirus series.

Anger and Fear: When you are at home keeping safe, the shops have been emptied by hoarders and then there are so many people not social distancing but putting others at risk it makes you fearful and angry.

Uncertainty: Option for the future are so bleak and hotly contested. Is there a future revealling itself.

Hope: There is a strong will to survive and get back onto our feet. Maybe we will feel more appreciative of quiet times, lack of noise, lack of polution or maybe we will just carry on with our heads in the sand until the next crisis.

foodisrunningout1000jpgFood is running out

timeisrunningout1000jpgTime is running out


A pair of pears. Finger painting in acrylic paint on white 350gsm art paper

2019spring700pixjpgSpring. 64x45cm On white paper. Acrylic inks and paints

2019summer700pixjpg Summer. 64x45cm On white paper. Acrylic inks and paints

2019autumn700pixjpg Autumn. 64x45cm On white paper. Acrylic inks and paints

2019winter700pixjpg Winter. 64x45cm On white paper. Acrylic inks and paints

returntotheland1000jpgReturn to the land.On Canvas 90x60cm Acrylic paint.

(Left) Crouching Woman. Created in marker pen. It draws on many sources for inspiration including Aubrey Beardsley and Sylvie Guillot

(Above) Four 100x100mm paintings (left and below) created in response to a Jan/Feb 2019 Windsor Artists "challenge" set for the artists.

(Below) "Perspectives" a large painting on canvas that draws the viewer into the picture. May be it should be a 90degrees looking at a horizon. Try tilting your head to see if it is better or worse.

beeno6blackjpgBumble Bee. Acrylic on black card. 45 x 32 cm

Four large format paintings below are in Acrylic Paint on white paper and are based on the small stone age statue (about 3" tall) called "The Venus of Willendorf", possibly a fertility symbol; no one can say for certain. These are called (1) At Ease. (2) Pensive (3) Strength (4) Trapped


Experimental art rolling steel balls in acrylic paint. Choosing appropriate colours,  constraining the dimensions of the area in which they can roll when the canvas is tipped and managing the pattern of roll

These two teddy pictures are themselves made up of Teddy shapes using a shaped hole punch. The Teddy Shapes were punched out of the packs from Capstan Full Strength cigarettes. This was acheived just prior to the cigarettes being withdrawn from the UK market following the introduction of Plain Wrappers for all UK Cigarettes. The second picture is a photoshopped version of the orginal image in blue. It works as well


The City Welcomes You. 65x45cm Acrylic on paper, with postproduction manipulation with pressure washers

beeno6black4xcoloursjpgPsychadelic Bees. Digital print.


Daisy the Rhino 75 x 50 Collage of constituent elements. I had to cut up the picture first to paint it how I wanted, them reconstructed it like a jigsaw. Why not use masking tape I hear you say - it ripped the surface off the paper.  Acrylic paint


Wasp - a study in negative space. 75 x 50 cm on black card in acrylic paint.


Snake - a study in negative space 75 x 50 cm acrylic paint on black card

It was no picnic at Kanagawa.  Tessellation/collage of over 7,000 punched paper teddies re-interpret the famous woodcut by Hokusai. 20"x14"  SOLD


Senses. Taking a line for a walk it just came out of my brush and appeared as it is here.  At one stage it looked like Boris Johnson then mophed into The Senses. 75 x 50 acrlic.


Dearest Flower. Inspired originally by Millais - Ophelia but it soon ran off in its own direction. 75 x 50 acrylic paint and a white Mitsubishi Uni-Ball Signo pigment ink roller ball pen.


Windsor Castle: Curfew Tower looking towards Garter Tower at Sunrise. Gold Mitsubishi Uni-Ball Signo pigment ink roller ball pen on black card.



Windsor Castle: Curfew Tower Looking towards Garter Tower at Sunset. Black Mitsubishi Uni-Ball Signo pigment ink roller ball pen on gold card.


First kill for Teddy. Gel pen on black card

Above. The crowd, Acrylic paint on white paper

Below. Windmills of your mind. Using just a rubber ink stamp of a small windmill and a black ink pad. On canvas board


Nights Tale 2.  Never satisfield I keep working on this picture

A Night's Tale. 60x90cm
Painted on a deep edged canvas. Acrylic paint and hand cut stencils

Large green plant. 5'x4' in acrylic paint and ink £700

A Goldfish in the Ear, is a novel what I wrote recently. Available on Amazon. I created this cover illustration.


Teddy smokes when you smoke. 24"x18"

Capstan Full Strength cigarettes was withdrawn due to the plain wrapper legislation.  Teddy is made from small Teddy shapes one cm high, each cut from Capstan Full Strength cigarette packets. Not a picture for a child's bedroom!

one23jpg83x62cm. "Sometimes I find I lose my focus and sense of direction as the noise and pressures of life crashes around me like a storm; I look deep inside to re-find that focus." This work was made from 500 figures cut from discarded artwork from the last 15 years, and at the centre is the mirror to my soul. SOLD

Above. Art can be edible. Steak and ale art pie!

(Above) A small creature: Acrylic paint on paper 35cm high. Unframed £45

(above) Japanese inspired tree art. A series of three works each 40cm h in water based ink and acrylic paint. Unframed £45


(above) Forest fire 90x90cm In acrylic ink Sold


(above) Sunset 90/60cmmulti layered painting in acrylic paints.  £150


Sherry in Scottish mode 60cm high acrylic paint and pencil.  I think I was having a bad day  (SOLD)

Sherry.  Blue biro on card 25cm wide.  Sketching in different media. Sold

(Above)  Extreme. 90cm square canvas block in acrylic paint and ink. A many layered painting. £800 Cards also available


The Inner Story 33" x24" £400

This piece is made from recycling discarded sketches by Sue Relph, an approved recycling process. Susan Relph NDD ATD attended Liverpool College of Art from 1960  to 1965. The influence of this inspirational training promoted everlasting and very critical yet flexible study from life. Fifty years later, she continues this exploration in her artwork and in her teaching.


Windsor Castle: Winds of change. Collage using small sections from my past "failed" paintings.


Windsor Castle: In gel pen on black card. £55 sold


Windsor Castle: Garter Tower looking towards Curfew Tower. Permanent marker pen on card. Now the cover to a book "Windsor Tales"

one22jpg" SPIRAL" Layered paintings in acrylic inks and other stuff 60cm x 60cm (Sold)

one21jpg"Dreams of conflict" Layered paintings in acrylic inks on canvas 60cm x 60cm £60

(above) Primitive Face. One in a series of primitive B/W drawings on A5 card. Influenced by the art of native Canadian Indians in Vancouver. Unframed £25


(above) Sunflowers. 90x60cm in acrylic paint, ink and fibre tipped pens £200


(above) Acrobatic bunny 48 inches h acrylic paint Sold 


(Above) Sherry up close.  Acrylic paint restricted palette 27" wide on paper. (Private Commission)

(above) Bird house homage to Mondrian (In my garden)

(above) Primitive Face. One in a series of primitive B/W drawings on A5 card. Influenced by the art of native Canadian Indians in Vancouver. Unframed £25