Hania Westcott

From an early age Hania was drawing and painting, designing and sculpting- playing and having fun with colours and shapes. To her delight, this was an actual subject. She continued studying Art into her 20’s, gaining a degree at Bath Spa University in 2000. For the following 18 years Hania hung up the paintbrushes and became creative in a different way, through the medium of the primary classroom as a teacher. In 2018, a life-altering experience led Hania to pick up a brush and paint again. Since then, she hasn’t stopped!

Hania mainly works in acrylics and chalk pastels, exploring the use of colour to show depth in her landscapes and, more recently, alcohol inks. Having attended a series of workshops by Kate Spencer-Millan and inspired by her enthusiasm for the vibrancy and energy of the medium, Hania now explores manipulating the fast-drying fluid inks to create depth and texture to her scenes.

Born and raised in the Chilterns, Buckinghamshire, with its beautiful rolling hills, dramatic valleys and calming woodlands, Hania has a wealth of landscape memories to work with. Nature is a dominant feature of her work whether it be abstract or recognisable in form. Now living in Windsor and close to The Great Park and The Long Walk; Hania uses this as her main inspiration. As well as enjoying nature, enhancing and encouraging good mental health is key to the aim of her artwork. Inspired by the welfare of others, Hania’s work focuses on the beauty and good in this world. She believes that with the rise in use of tech, people are missing out on the magnificence of the moment. Many of her landscapes are visions of happy places, dreamscapes, memories and good times with the intention to encourage feelings of well-being, serenity and positivity.  You can reach Hania by email:   haniawestcott@gmail.com

haniawestcottjpgChristmas swan


Summer Fields Alcohol inks on Yupo paper

valleyviewsjpgValley Views Alcohol inks on Yupo


Golden Summer Alcohol inks on Yupo paper


Hedgerow Secrets Alcohol inks on Yupo paper


August Hedgerow Alcohol inks on Yupo paper


The Autumnal Long Walk Alcohol inks on Yupo paper