"Early Summer Exhibition at Brownlow Hall"

23 Invited Artists

  • Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June 2024 open from 12.00-5.00pm at Brownlow Hall, Newell Green Warfield RG42 6AB Free parking, secure overnight. Refreshments.

  • Setting up the display boards and tables in the hall is undertaken by a small team of volunteers on Friday between 12.00 and 2.00pm

  • Artists hang their own art on Friday afternoon before 6.00 pm or Saturday morning from 9.00 to 11.00am No later

  • Taking down art is 5.00pm on Sunday 2nd June

  • Fees are £35 per exhibitor

  • Private view event on Saturday 1st June at 6.30pm to 9.00pm with free drinks (details to follow)


The Organiser and provider of employee insurance and  public liability insurance at this exhibition is Windsor Artists Collective. Windsor Artists Collective run three of these "by invitation" exhibitions each year to which selected local artists are invited in addition to the membership of Windsor Artists Collective. All the Organisers are unpaid artist volunteers.  The main contact to take part in this and future Brownlow Hall exhibitions is Jonathan Greenyer. 21 Woodside Rd Winkfield Windsor SL4 2DP 07768 513436. jonathan@windsor-artists.org.


There is full Public Liability Insurance and Employee Insurance provided by the organisers however this does not include product insurance, i.e. insurance against loss, damage or theft of individual artwork in the exhibition. The administrative impossibility of pre-valuing 1000 individual pieces of art to the satisfaction of an insurance company makes a generic product insurance policy unviable. Exhibitors are personally responsible for art loss damage and theft insurance.


This is an exhibition of 23 individually invited artists who produce great art/photos/sculpture and cards that appeal to a broad and discerning range of art buyers. The exhibiting artists have been selected by the Organiser following an interview and art evaluation process; and they are generally from the local region.  Artists are allocated a display space by the Organisers roughly 5 metres wide and 2 metres high and free tables. Artists sell orginals, top quality prints, artist embellished prints and art-cards in a very wide range of affordable prices.

There is a fixed attendance fee of £35 to exhibit any work in this exhibition within the artist's allocated display area. This £35 is payable to the organiser by funds transfer after the exhibition, The Organiser will send each exhibitor a statement/Invoice by WhatsApp and our banking details.

5 metres.  It is an area  of display boards OR a length of wall using picture rails - approximately 5 metres long and 2 metres high. (similar to those pictured below) plus free table if requested.  This display space may not be in a straight continous line, it could have angles and maybe gaps for windows. Within the boundaries of this space Artists hang their framed art, framed photos or box canvases (Box canvases do not have to be framed).  Artists cannot hang unframed flat art but it can be put on tables or in racks.

The overall art display of artwork hanging,  on the table or floorstanding must look smart, creative, uncrowded and uncluttered. Art must not overlap the edges of the boards; nor be a trip hazard in doorways or walkways, nor must it obstruct or intrude on other artists' areas. It is the artist's shop window and the organisers will work with exhibitors to acheive the best overall exhibition display.

 Artists can bring additional work to replace any items sold throughout the exhibition. It can left in their car or the Yellow Room on site.


We provide a large 4' and 6' table for free to put immediately next to the artist's display boards or wall. As we may not have the exact size an artist wants, they can also bring their own tables. All tables, card displays, print racks and easels should fit within the allocated display space. Corridors, doors and walkways must be kept free of obstruction and trip hazards. Do not obstruct or intrude on the display space of other artists. Ask if in doubt because we will remove any hazardous displays.

240V power is available for some wall based exhibiting slots. If mains power is required by an artist let us know in advance so we can allocate them a suitable site. Mains equipment must be PAT tested/labelled. Battery operated lights are always welcome.

No jewellery, nick-nacks etc because this is not a craft fayre.

We provide a Central Sales Point to process all cash, credit and debit card payments. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and APPLEPAY.  Purchases can be taken home immediately after recording/noting the sale, taking payment and bubble wrapping the item (a free service is offered). Artists can then substitute replacement artwork.

  1) If we process a payment for art using the exhibition's SUMUP CARD PAYMENT MACHINE, then the artist will incur financial handling fee of 5% of the sales value.
  2) If the payment is cash we record the sale and hand over the cash to the artist before the end of the exhibition. Cash sales incur no financial handling fee.
  3) There are no other Sales Commissions or Charges
  4) It take 5 working days after the exhibition ends to receive and process all the exhibition sales data. We send each artist a sales statement by WhatsApp. Then transfer the money directly into their Bank Account (details of which will have provided).
  5) If a customer asks an artist to ship art to their home address, and the artist is willing, then the customer pays for the art in full at the exhibition, contact details of the buyer are noted and subsequently the artist contacts the buyer to negotiate shipping costs and fulfil the order.
  6) If as a result of the exhibition an artist secures an art commission from a visitor then all aspects of that art commission are handled direct between the artist and the visitor, outside of the Organiser's influence - including collecting the payment.  The same applies to follow on sales of art where a visitor contacts an artist direct to buy more art.  Neither are these are part of the Organiser's responsibility. 
  7) Once Buyers leave the exhibition with their purchase the artists assume responsibility for all aftersales issues including returns. So if a buyer claims to have found fault with the product or wants to exchange it etc. etc. then this becomes the artist's sole reponsibility not the Organiser's responsibility.

There is a free Art Commission Information Pack on how to manage the complex and risk filled process of art commissions. Ask for a copy. 

We would love to know about any art commissions or additonal art sales directly resulting from being at our exhibition so we can talk up the success of our exhibition.

DO ARTISTS HAVE TO ATTEND IN PERSON? Yes. However, exhibiting artists do not need to remain in their allocated display area nor attend the exhibition for every minute of the exhibition. Remember the artists are the best placed people to upsell their own work and to add value through engaging with the buyers. This is also a fantastic opportunity to meet and engage with other artists. So we insist artists are "in attendance at the exhibition" for some of the exhibition. Remember this is not a high street shop with paid staff we are all artist volunteers helping each other succeed - even the Organisers are artist volunteers.

Buyers often wants to meet and talk to the artists from whom they are buying work. If artists are not there in person we will phone the artist on their mobile and either ask them to come in to meet the buyer or at least to speak to the buyer on the phone.

There are also important Volunteer Exhibition Duties to be covered by the artists i) meet and greet customers at the door, ii) help visitors understand the art and talk up the art, iii) bubblewrap sales (any sales not just your own) so we will have a Duty Rota. If artists do not attend to help,  they will not be invited back

NO. There is no Exhibition Hanging Committee and no pre-exhibition vetting process for art.  The artists themselves chose what pieces represent them and their oeuvre best and that's what is brought to the exhibition and displayed in the allocated 5 metre area.

This is THE opportunity to present a wide range of an artists work, to be experiemental, innovative and take risks. Not all the art will sell. Some may simply be there to impress and wow and provoke discussion.  But all of the art will help create the right impression of the artist and help introduce potential buyers now and ongoing.

Artists can display orginals or prints. The art that to hang must only be i) framed art, ii) framed photos or ii) box canvases (framed or unframed). Additional art can go on a tabletop or in a rack/browser. Unframed flat art must be wrapped in cellophane. 

We recommend artists display art in a range of prices, sizes and media to match the varied requirements of the buyers. Greeting cards act as profitable, colourful starting point and can often lead buyers to make future sales or discuss commissions. Prints sell well especially if the original is also on display at a much higher price. All prints must be marked as "Prints" or "Limited Edition Prints" or "Lithographic Prints" or "Hand Embellished Prints" etc.

We will remove work that may offend a family audience or work that manifests blatant copyright infringement.

Prices are based on the venue, the customers, the artist's reputation and the type of art. There are no hard and fast rules on pricing, just pragmatic advice. So, exhibitors have final say on the prices for the art but we will help and advise if requested.  Numerically the majority of original artwork sold will be under £300. 10-20% will be over that and the upper limit has been around £750 - £1000.  We recommend exhibitors should still display their highest priced art because it may attract a customer but most importantly it demonstrates the breadth and depth of the artist's whole artistic output and will encourage sales of other art at different prices.  Pragmatically if exhibitors really want to sell, then they will carefully chose commercial prices and price ranges.

At our exhibitions we see art buyers for all price ranges of art. And over time, some buyers collect multiple pieces of work from artists they like. They can also trade up in price over time, so a card sale today may be an orginal painting next time. Artists sell a great number of art-cards from £2.00 to £5.00 each.

To help the central sales point sell your work.... All art-cards must be individually labelled with the artist name and a unit price. All unframed artwork in racks or on tables must be wrapped in cellophane and individually and clearly labelled. Labels must make it clear if the art is an "Orginal" or "Print" or "Limited Edition Print" or "Hand Embellished Print" etc. i.e. something truthful and informative.

Hanging time is on Friday afternoon before 6.00pm or Saturday morning 9.00-11.00. In the exhibition Hall, each artist's space is clearly labelled with their name before artists arrive, and matches the floor plan artist received in the post.  Artists with their friends/family hang their own work.  The organisers will not hang work and there are no fitters, technicians, lighting engineers etc. We can provide an artist Mentor to advise exhibitors. Please ask for one in advance   All packing, bags and wrapping materials must be taken home, nothing can be left under the tables, it looks scruffy and is a trip hazard

Exhibitors remove all their unsold exhibits on Sunday at 5.00 pm – no earlier. Nothing can be left in the hall over night on Sunday.

Use our re-usable exhibition hanging systems, which the organisers supply for use on the day for free. Exhibitors cannot use screws, nails, staple guns or any similar destructive fixing systems on the walls or exhibition boards. Also no glue or blue tac on the display boards (it creates permanent damage).  

  D-RINGS AND STRINGS On the back of every piece of hanging art there must be a hanging "string" or D-Ring(s) or something similarly robust from which to hang the picture in the exhibition.

It is best that the hanging string or D-Ring(s) are situated no more than a quarter of the way down the back of the frame, so that the picture will hang flat and vertical against the wall.  Low cost D-Rings and strong cord, wire or nylon are available from Amazon.

  PERLONS Hanging System (we supply these for free use) This is for use on the picture rails in Brownlow Hall ( images below). We supply picture rail hooks from which to hang the thick nylon threads called PERLONS, and gripping each Perlon are variable height hanging hooks that are then attached to the picture's D-Rings or Strings. The hooks can be slid up and down to get the perfect height for the picture.  Two artworks can be hung on one Perlon, one above the other using two of the sliding hooks spaced out on one Perlon. Extra wide art can be hung from two Perlons side by side and this gives the picture extra stability.    Excess unused Perlon length is wound up neatly in a circle behind the art. Never cut a Perlon shorter, they are expensive and reusable at future exhibitions.

  CHAINS Hanging System (we supply these for free use) Chains are for pictures hanging on the exhibition boards (pictures below). There is a strong black header hook that goes over the top of the boards, from which a long chain is hung. Small S hooks are hooked onto a link of the chain to connect the chain to the picture's D-Rings or Strings so the picture hangs at the right height. Two artworks can be hung on one chain one above the other with two S hooks spaced out on the chain. Extra wide art can be hung from two chains side by side and give the picture extra stability.


Every single piece of art, sculpture, photo or greeting card must be clearly and individually labelled. For all hanging art the label is attached to the display boards by free supplied drawing pins or velcro. They are attached to the wall by free supplied Blue Tac. The label must face forwards and be visible and legible so the visitors can read it !!! If selling cards they must carry an artist's name and the unit price, so the Cashier can sell it at the correct price. No price label, no sale.

Details on the label for hanging work should be more informative and include a) the artist’s full name, b) the media used, c) the title, d) a selling price e) Is it an orginal or a print. If an exhibit is not properly labelled it will not be easily sold!! .


Brownlow Hall can get quite warm because it has underfloor heating, it is recommended that layers of clothing are worn, so they can be added or discarded easily if the temperature variation affects visitor comfort.  As there is a lot of walking about in the exhibition, comfy shoes or trainers are essential.

We supply someone to run the cafe area at all times. But all other volunteer duties are handled by the artists throughout the exhibition. This is in part how we keep costs down its also how we like to involve people. Artists meet & greet the arriving public, upsell the art, help close sales and bubble wrap purchases. The public like to meet the artists, and they can convert a viewing to a sale better than anyone else. There will be a rota. If an artist does not attend at all over the two days they will not be invited back. There are plenty of other artists willing to take the space and help


In addition to the organisers' own marketing campaigns for this and all exhibitions, we expect all exhibitors to help promote this exhibition via social media (we supply an image for use)  and whatever other means possible. Artists are all be posted a media pack including printed A5 flyers and A3 / A4 posters are available on request

Bring business cards to hand out. Is there a printed bio? Are contact details on everything published and printed? Want more help marketing? We can provide advice

NOTE: This is a friendly, supportive, collaborative, non-politicised art exhibition. We do it because we are artists.  All aspects of the exhibition are undertaken by the artists and their friends/family except the cafe. That is how we keep costs under control. There are no paid lifters or movers, no expensive PR or advertising executives; we do everything ourselves as a team. If this doesn't suit then maybe other exhibitions elsewhere will.